Friday, August 30, 2013

2 more stations...

Wat a relieve~~ Today just had my VIVA session for my attachment in stor departnment (left the writing test). As conclusion, the session quite ok and seriously I was nervous when answering the questions been asked, even sumtime use some weird words in answers. Luckily, the assessor quite ok, he din't harsh on me, that's wat I hope from starting point. The points also quite ok, as long as is passed. (Actually the period I attached here was short as crash with Raya holiday and my PTM kursus). As conclusion, quite satisfy la... Next will be second clinical attachment and then will be TPN. Hope can go through smooothly in these stations.After that, will facing the Grand VIVA and of course all logbooks submission and decide the choices for my next posting. Of course, I will try to get bc to my lovely home town which I everyday pray to God.Hope this wish can becum true although it will becum win-or-lose situation.

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